Book Titles

Afloat in the Forest, or A Voyage Among the Tree-Tops
The Boy Hunters, or Adventures in Search of the White Buffalo
The Boy Slaves; or Life in the Desert
The Boy Tar; or A Voyage in the Dark
Bruin, the Grand Bear Hunt
The Bush Boys, or The History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer in the Wild Karoos of Southern Africa
The Castaways: A Story of Adventure in the Wilds of Borneo
The Child Wife: A Tale of Two Worlds
The Cliff Climbers; or, The Lone Home in the Himalayas
The Creole Forger; A Tale of the Cresent City
Cris Rock; or A Lover in Chains
The Death Shot: A Story Retold
The Desert Home, or The Adventures of a Lost Family in the Wilderness
The Finger of Fate
The Flag of Distress, A Tale of the South Sea
The Forest Exiles, or the Perils of a Peruvian Family Amid the Wilds of the Amazon
Free Lances
The Giraffe Hunters: A Story of Exciting and Daring Adventures
Gwen Wynn
Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas
The Hunters' Feast; or Conversations Around the Camp Fire
The Lone Ranch
Love's Martyr
Lost Lenore; or, The Adventures of a Rolling Stone
Man Eaters
The Maroon; or, Planter Life in Jamaica
The Naturalist in Siluria
No Quarter
The Ocean Waifs; A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea
Odd People, Being a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man
Osceola the Seminole, or The Red Fawn of the Flower Land
The Plant Hunters, or Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains
The Quadroon; or, A Lover's Adventure in Louisiana
Ran Away to Sea: An Autobiography for Boys
Rangers and Regulators
The Rifle Rangers; or, Adventures in Southern Mexico
Rival Captains; or, The Soldier's Bride
The Scalp Hunters; or, Adventures Among the Trappers
The Star of Empire
Stories About Animals
The Tiger-Hunter; or A Hero in Spite of Himself
War Life, or The Adventures of a Light Infantry Officer
The War Trail; or, The Hunt of the Wild Horse
The Wild Huntress; or Love in the Wilderness
Wild Life; or Adventures on the Frontier
Wild Ride: A Romance of Mexico
The White Chief, A Legend of North Mexico
The White Gauntlet
The Wood Rangers; or The Trappers of Sonora
The Young Voyageurs, or The Boy Hunters in the North
The Young Yagers, or A Narrative of Hunting Adventures in Southern Africa